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Writing about AngularJS

There is a famous quote by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn, that says: If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. 

I guess I am not too late then 🙂

Allow me here to present my latest writing experiment!

101 AngularJS Tips and Tricks! is humble try to share the experience we gained, I and my team, while working with this fantastic JavaScript framework.

So, even if JavaScript or Angular does not interest you, I will be glad if you download this Early version of the book, but if either one does, then I will be grateful if you try some of the content and share with me what do you think, any suggestions, corrections, or recommendation are absolutely welcome!




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Lean thinking started in manufacturing in Japan around a core  idea of eliminating the “MUDA” or “Waste”! Any Lean leader will tell you: Don’t think if you can do something but rather if you should do it at all ? and hence focusing on value adding activities only.no mouda

From manufacturing, Lean Thinking spared to all domains, two interesting examples are software development thanks to the effort of Mary Poppendieck, and Lean Startup for developing businesses which is becoming a worldwide movement since presented by the work of Eric Ries.

Interestingly enough, Lean Thinking appeals to business leaders, software engineers and entrepreneurs alike because of how it handles uncertainty by the means of scientific experimentation.

Say you have this crazy idea of a new product that you think will change the world! we are all that person, aren’t we ? But think for a minute, can you really know for sure if your ideas will succeed or not ? You actually can’t! No matter how hard you plan, the odds that you will fail are very high!

So what to do then?

Actually you do nothing! Well not really nothing, you probably need to build only the product box or just design the product flyer then reach for potential customers feedback and use this feedback to plan and shape the next minimal product and so on, every time, you are actually experimenting with your idea based on the available information you have at the moment and some hypothesis of what will be attractive to your customers until you find what would really work!leanpub

Recently, I also discovered leanpub.com and it seems that lean thinking is applicable to publishing as well!  Leanpub.com is an innovative platform that provides tools to write books, publish them and solicit readers feedback to clear the path where the writing process should follow.

Although lean publishing and leanpub.com have their share of criticism, I and couple of my colleagues decided to give it a try, so in a next blog post I am sharing with you our first publishing experiment!

salam for now,

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A Novel in 12 Words

They say that Ernest Hemingway was challenged once to write a complete novel in 6 words, so he took a piece of paper and wrote:

‘For sale: baby shoes never worn’

If I am to do the same about my last 12 years of life experience in Saudi, I would write:

‘In the airport, he smiles and says : sir, you have excess baggage…of memories!’

Well, that is technically more than 6 words, and  I ‘m not Hemingway, but I believe that we stay in the places even after we leave them…or shall I say places don’t leave us!

So long Riyadh, and welcome my beloved Cairo!

Riyadh, March 20, 2014


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I spent last week traveling daily between Quesna, my home town, 60 KM north to Cairo and Holiday Inn Hotel in Nasr City…the reason was to attend the first training to be held in Cairo for Scrum Masters…so with the noise of June 30th in the background, I sat for the training.

And in the course of the three training days lit by the humour spirit of our instructor Hubert Smits I took every possible chance to ask the questions that are puzzling me about Agile and Scrum.

In the training also I managed to perform an “Affinity Prioritization” exercise with over 20 other trainees where we silently as a good wise group of monks kept moving the post-it notes untill settled on the final group of questions that we want to address in last day of the training and

guess what? 3 of them were mine 🙂

In short, I enjoyed the training experience which rarely happens!  it is a class “A” training in my evaluation, hat off to DigitalMinds for the organization.

Check Egypt Scrum community on


and on



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Design Patterns, originally coming from Architecture, are the distilled wisdom… the ultimate objectiveness… the purified essence of… ok… ok… I will stop now…!
As impressed as I am with Design Patterns, it manages also to drag my attention not for the very deserving reasons sometimes… one incident when I was studying in the ITI and Monsieur Noel Plouzeau from IRISA gave us a 45 minutes design patterns introduction… the lecture was given in French and… no… I didn’t understand a thing! but I was thrilled by the examples he gave in SmallTalk and by integers being objects!
Another close encounter of the third kind with design patterns was recently when I bumped into a post by Grady Booch complementing a scholarly work on anti-patterns… again I wasn’t excited by the “anti-patterns” stuff as much as I was by the fact that the complemented Maged Alaasar is an Egyptian and ex ITWorxian same as moi 🙂

morning coffee design pattern

Best solution for waking up recurring problem: Morning Coffee Design Pattern

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Plato RepublicIn Plato’s Republic everyone does one thing and one thing only, producers farm, warriors fight and philosophers rule! A society is just when relations between these three classes are right. Each group must perform its appropriate function, and only that function, and each must be in the right position of power in relation to the others.

When I read that for the first time I was amazed! This is indeed an object oriented design and a good one too where each class has a sing

le responsibility, loosely coupled with well-defined interface, stunning isn’t it?

Is Plato a good OO Designer or what ?

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Do you still receive paper bills? Don’t count much on that! Banks, utility companies, telecoms are currently offering electronic bills to the customer as an option, and soon they will be pushing this as THE only option…!

Some go the extra mile and offer not only a downloadable PDF replica to your paper statement which you can only view and print, but also a bag full of goodies in that little file they call it with a big smile: Interactive Statement

An Interactive Statement, in a nut shell, is an electronic statement with two main additions: It engages the customer in different types of experiences, and it is secure.

So instead of only viewing, you can now pay your bill, redeem loyalty points and chat with customer service, in addition to sorting, filtering, drilling down and charting your statement data!

Advancements in Adobe Reader, Flash player/Flex and Adobe ADEP platform have made all this possible without installing anything to the customer device, and delivered to email box in a single PDF File, furthermore this multi-dimensional PDF is encrypted and only intended customer can open it!

What makes this technology appeals more to business owners is that it opens a new channel to deliver an interactive personalized marketing message, for example your next mobile bill will have a special advertisement suggesting an upgrade to a new subscription package more suitable to you based on your mobile utilization pattern, how about that!


interactive statement

Click this for more.


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