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I spent last week traveling daily between Quesna, my home town, 60 KM north to Cairo and Holiday Inn Hotel in Nasr City…the reason was to attend the first training to be held in Cairo for Scrum Masters…so with the noise of June 30th in the background, I sat for the training.

And in the course of the three training days lit by the humour spirit of our instructor Hubert Smits I took every possible chance to ask the questions that are puzzling me about Agile and Scrum.

In the training also I managed to perform an “Affinity Prioritization” exercise with over 20 other trainees where we silently as a good wise group of monks kept moving the post-it notes untill settled on the final group of questions that we want to address in last day of the training and

guess what? 3 of them were mine 🙂

In short, I enjoyed the training experience which rarely happens!  it is a class “A” training in my evaluation, hat off to DigitalMinds for the organization.

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