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Last weekend I read two interesting papers by Jeff Sutherland and others the Shock Therapy and the Scrum: An Extension pattern language for hyper-productivity software development.
In these two papers Dr. Sutherland describes how that although scrum is designed to increase the productivity, team’s success in achieving this goal varies! He refers to some teams that have an increase in their productivity by 400% and describes them as Hyper Productivity Teams. He also enumerates a number of patterns that were evolved by scrum community and are common among Hyper-Productive teams. Couple of other interesting articles about this topic are Group Coherence for Project Teams – A Search for Hyper-Productivity and Scrum Metrics for Hyperproductive Teams

In my opinion, and probably I am not saying anything new here, productivity is dependent on two main aspects of the team, one is organizational and social and that is the human dynamics of the team, the other is technical and methodical and that is related to the process and practices applied by the team. Consequently productivity level is proportional to how good is the communication and collaboration between the team members and how fluent they are in Scrum and Agile practices!

Having said that, and from experience I think maintaining the same high momentum all the time is quite difficult, productivity level would rather fluctuate reaching hyper-productivity state one time and falls back to average or below average productivity before it bounces back and so on.
The most difficult task in my opinion is how to maintain the hyper-productivity state once the team reached it? and how the team can bounce back quickly if it falls to normal productivity?

I am sending this question to Dr. Sutherland and to the community, and I will share with you the responses I receive.



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