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Lean thinking started in manufacturing in Japan around a core  idea of eliminating the “MUDA” or “Waste”! Any Lean leader will tell you: Don’t think if you can do something but rather if you should do it at all ? and hence focusing on value adding activities only.no mouda

From manufacturing, Lean Thinking spared to all domains, two interesting examples are software development thanks to the effort of Mary Poppendieck, and Lean Startup for developing businesses which is becoming a worldwide movement since presented by the work of Eric Ries.

Interestingly enough, Lean Thinking appeals to business leaders, software engineers and entrepreneurs alike because of how it handles uncertainty by the means of scientific experimentation.

Say you have this crazy idea of a new product that you think will change the world! we are all that person, aren’t we ? But think for a minute, can you really know for sure if your ideas will succeed or not ? You actually can’t! No matter how hard you plan, the odds that you will fail are very high!

So what to do then?

Actually you do nothing! Well not really nothing, you probably need to build only the product box or just design the product flyer then reach for potential customers feedback and use this feedback to plan and shape the next minimal product and so on, every time, you are actually experimenting with your idea based on the available information you have at the moment and some hypothesis of what will be attractive to your customers until you find what would really work!leanpub

Recently, I also discovered leanpub.com and it seems that lean thinking is applicable to publishing as well!  Leanpub.com is an innovative platform that provides tools to write books, publish them and solicit readers feedback to clear the path where the writing process should follow.

Although lean publishing and leanpub.com have their share of criticism, I and couple of my colleagues decided to give it a try, so in a next blog post I am sharing with you our first publishing experiment!

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