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The failure of a project manager cannot be more obvious than when she or he starts to Micromanage her or his team. Micromanagement is a clear evidence that manager is losing control not the other way around. Instead of micromanagement I believe in empowering teams. Empowering your team means allowing team members to take actions and solve problems on their own. High performing teams are those teams who can direct themselves without the need to go back to the manager every single step. Instead of micromanagement I believe also in motivating teams. Motivating your teams can be done by giving them a new challenge everyday. Challenges make your team on their toes, alerted and engaged. Teams also get motivated if you foster their professional growth by learning. Investing in training can pay back many folds in terms of productivity and good attitude within the team. As a project manager you are your team’s defacto mentor and coach so they are expecting you to guide them to the new areas of technology and professional development.Boss Fragrance
Of course, another proven way to motivate and thus have a self-organized and a performing team is through rewards which are not necessarily money. It is true that employees always want more money, who doesn’t? but they also want to like their jobs, so help them to do that by offering them opportunities to improve, by recognizing their achievements, by giving them the credit they deserve and by making them feel that their work is valuable for the organization as a whole.
My advice is: resist the temptation of micromanagement although it might be difficult especially in crisis times and alwasys think Empowering and Motivation.


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